• Family constellations are a form of psychotherapy, but their possibilities go beyond what most psychotherapeutic methods offer.
  • Working with the New Constellations method according to Bert Hellinger has a therapeutic effect on the flow of life.
  • We use them to improve mental health, but also in the case of health difficulties and life problems. They are helpful in improving interpersonal relationships and help achieve specific changes.
  • Working with constellations allows you and your family system to re-enter the path of love and success. The impact of a disordered family system and the attitude towards it are the causes of many negative phenomena: from life failures and bad moods, through mental problems and professional difficulties, to serious illnesses, accidents, and suicides.
  • Introducing systemic order allows you to reconcile what has burdened you and open up to the strength coming from ancestors, thereby regaining health, efficiency, and life satisfaction.
  • Constellations do not answer any specific question, but they provide an insight into systemic forces and conditions in which you find yourself. In this broader context, you become stronger. One of the tools in this therapy method is intergenerational awareness.

For whom?

For individuals interested in diagnosing their emotional and business maturity, as well as developing their psychosocial competencies.

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