Movements of the Spirit-Mind

I invite you to participate in my latest online and live events.

MOVEMENTS OF THE SPIRIT-MIND - Cyclical, stationary systemic meetings.

I invite you to periodic and intimate meetings during which we will explore the systemic background
of professional and business issues. How does the work with the Silent Systemic Constellations
method affect the system?

In systemic constellations, the healing significance lies in the process itself. Even if we don’t fully
understand it, even if we haven’t completely changed our inner approach, the healing process itself
brings about change. A conscious self-view as a part of something greater has a deeply soothing

We will explore the causes and potential solutions when:

  • Some issue is ‘stuck’ or keeps repeating the same pattern
  • There is a secret or taboo topic
  • A conflict keeps recurring in your environment
  • As a qualified person, you cannot fully embrace the power derived from your role
  • There is something unsaid that affects your ability to be present or act
  • There is something that distracts you and drains your energy
  • The symptoms are very clear, but their causes are not
  • You want to access and harmonize your resources
  • You are attached to your own history and version of events, and a new perspective would be helpful in finding a solution
  • You are experiencing apathy, ambivalence, or resistance
  • There are rebels and black sheep
  • Family members, team members do not respect each other

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