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My Friend, welcome to the Jaguar's Path!

I will inspire you to live in truth and be who you truly are.

It’s time to become the Jaguar of your life. The power is within You, and it’s time to activate it!

I offer psychological support, enhancement of psychosocial competencies, training in mental health, building healthy teams and organizations, and restoring the age-old balance between work and relaxation. I conduct workshops, coaching, and diagnostics using psychometric tools.

If you desire to know yourself better, have awareness of your strengths and weaknesses, and understand the natural predispositions that facilitate or hinder your „business and emotional maturity” process, you are in the right and caring hands.

Daria U Lewandowska

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Incredible energy, versatility of interests, courage in sharing and receiving knowledge, and the ability to share it during workshops and training for very diverse groups in both Polish and English are Daria's hallmark. I highly recommend this experienced trainer who has successfully completed many interesting projects for @ProOptima.
Tomasz Kras
CEO ProOptima | Customer Experience Evangelist
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Having had the honor of working with Daria, I am delighted to provide her with the highest recommendation, both as a person and as a professional. It's rare to come across someone who is so committed to bringing immense value to the lives and businesses of the people she works with. I believe that anyone who has the opportunity to work with her not only enjoys the developmental process but also becomes a better version of themselves as a side effect of this work!
Bob Burg
Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker on Referrals, Relationship Building, and Genuine Influence | Coauthor of the international bestseller, "The Go-Giver" | Founder of The Go-Giver Community Network
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Working with Daria Lewandowska is an absolute pleasure. We collaborated for 5 years on the international educational project Business Week. Daria was responsible for creating the project's content concept, assembling a team of trainers to conduct classes, methodological coordination of the sessions, and delivering selected workshops. She is a well-organized, reliable, and highly competent individual with a strong academic background, personal culture, and great skills in working within the international student and accompanying teacher community. Daria Lewandowska's high qualifications and knowledge were highly appreciated by WSB University Merito in Wrocław staff, which led to her involvement in numerous other university initiatives, such as teaching in MBA programs, English-language degree programs (Bachelor's and Maste's degrees), and the development of educational projects like international summer schools. Personally, I recommend Daria for work on innovative educational formats.
Jarosław Tomaszewski
Director of the International Cooperation Center at WSB University Merito in Wrocław
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I met Daria in 2012, and I was deeply impressed by her integrity, courage, and profound curiosity about the world. Daria easily connects with people and makes them feel at ease. Her expertise in interpersonal dynamics, particularly emotional intelligence, resilience, stress management, and crisis intervention, makes her an excellent trainer. She is also an inspiring coach who helps her clients discover and reflect on their own limitations and find new perspectives and solutions. She is an inspiring guide who leads with vision and passion. I highly recommend her!
Julie Shapiro
Global Learning & Development Leader
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Daria U Lewandowska assisted me in conducting my seminar titled „Professional Systems and Their Effects,” which covered topics such as systemic organizational consulting, basic principles of organizational constellations, order of success, hierarchies, management, team coaching, work, and vocation. The seminar took place from October 18 to October 20, 2022, in Wrocław, Poland, as part of a year-and-a-half training program I conducted in working with systemic constellations. Daria's extensive experience and competence in working with teams and organizations were evident, and her support and enrichment proved invaluable to both participants and myself. I would like to express my gratitude for her dedication and wish her all the best in her professional career.
Heiko Hinrichs
Psychotherapist (ECP), Certified Educator and Family Therapist, Certified Trainer, and Supervisor of Systemic Constellations (DGfS), SE® Trauma Therapist (EASE)
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Daria Lewandowska has been actively and significantly involved in the MBA Leadership program for the past 4 years. Her role involves mentorship and organizational support. She also serves as the academic supervisor for the diploma project. I highly appreciate the potential for collaboration with Daria in all types of experimental implementation projects where imagination and creative problem- solving are needed.
Michał Pronobis, PhD
Director of the MBA Program at WSB University Merito in Gdańsk
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I am deeply impressed by Daria's energy, professionalism, and dedication. Her fluency in multiple languages is a huge asset! She possesses extensive knowledge of international business and management. I believe Daria is an excellent trainer and coach who will go above and beyond to provide the best training experiences possible. I am delighted to recommend Daria as a coach and trainer in the fields of international leadership and personal development.
Herb Baker
Manager, Operations Support Office, NASA/ Johnson Space Centre
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I wholeheartedly recommend working with Daria. I have deep respect for Daria both professionally and personally. She is a person of good morals, always demonstrating a high degree of responsibility, integrity, and ambition. In addition to her excellent achievements as an entrepreneur, she has shown enthusiasm and dedication in her work, with a strong sense of initiative and perseverance. She is a mature and positive individual with excellent interpersonal skills. She is a huge asset to any organization!
Elina Wainio
Senior Lecturer of Business Management, Laurea University of Applied Sciences
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Coaching with Daria involved supporting my professional goals and discovering possible paths to achieve them. Daria is a professional, optimistic, creative person who quickly establishes relationships and values their quality. As a coach, she is very committed and, above all, effective. Her positive energy and authenticity further supported and motivated me for further changes. I wholeheartedly recommend Daria as an effective and wholeheartedly committed coach!
Andrzej Konieczny
CEO of the KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. Branch

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The Jaguar's Path. Intuitive steps of a shared developmental adventure and deep inner transformation!

The Jaguar teaches honesty in behavior. Honesty towards oneself and others. How to nurture freedom and wildness within oneself, and how to live guided by the heart? If you feel like you’re living in chaos, the Jaguar will help you find a path you haven’t seen before. It will guide you on where to start to bring order and balance into your life. This wild and beautiful creature teaches how to behave assertively, set boundaries, respect and accept oneself, and move through life with confidence, a sense of self-worth, and dignity. The Jaguar is a solitary creature and enjoys self-connection. That’s precisely why it can be an excellent teacher of self-acceptance. It shows how to befriend oneself and appreciate the strengths of your personality. It gives lessons on self-worth and dignity, teaching how to remain free in relationships with others while maintaining inner strength and an open heart.

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