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I invite you to participate in my latest online and live events.


Our ancestors, who lived through a lot, experienced different situations, went through a lot. In this field is stored wisdom, stamina, the essence of life.
How do we connect to this place so that we can more fully realise our plans, dreams and destiny?

Do you often...?
  • have a sense of lack of purpose in life?
  • define your life as lacking meaning and direction?
  • feel depressed and lacking in desire for action?
  • long for a life full of power and meaning?
  • experience recurring difficulties in a particular area – personal, professional?
  • be critical of yourself and your actions?
During the workshop we will share:
  • a broad perspective of thinking about the connections and family ties that determine our lives, but also equip us with resources
  • knowledge and practice of how to get out of the vicious circle of trauma when we lack the strength to move forward
  • rituals, transitions, processes based on universal dynamics and indigenous cultures
    working on regaining connection with instinctive, animal embodied power

We will be looking for sources of

  • lack of satisfaction and power in life,


  • lack of energy and desire for action,


  • feeling undeserving of flow, happiness and self-realization


  • low self-esteem and lack of connection with one’s feelings.

We will find:

  • new solutions, new places,


  • new resources, new energy,


  • new connections, your allies, patrons,


  • a new perspective of looking at yourself and your reality.

Bert Hellinger

"On Leaving Not Yours... "Sometimes in life we have to leave something behind from our daily lives, especially if something demands immediate action from us. If something demands immediate action, we often find that it is not in line with our own life. Often it belongs to someone else who is not in tune with their own life. We help that person face his or her life if we stay with our own life. In our inner journeys, we let go of the demands of others and focus on the demands of our own life. Then peace of mind appears. When we leave our own and others' lives where they properly belong, then a very deep connection appears between our daily lives and the lives of others. We live and celebrate life together."

Our methods of work

  • New and Classical Systemic Setting Method. It has a therapeutic effect on the flow of life. Acceptance of life is not obvious. People accept their life, desire this life and are grateful for it to varying degrees. Saying “yes” to one’s life is a fundamental act to be healthy and feel good. Systemic settings show the great scope of our agency. When we take what we have, there is always more of it than when we reject it. In addition, intergenerational awareness is also a tool for therapy – the settings won’t answer any specific question, but they give an overview of the systemic forces and conditions a person is in. In this broader context, a person becomes stronger.
  • guided meditations inspired by experiences in years of working with people
  • visualizations
  • the method of working with trauma Somatic Experiencing
  • elements of TRE (Trauma Release Exercises)
  • group process supervision
  • systemic coaching
  • elements of work with psychodrama
  • basics of transactional analysis
  • basics of ayurvedic psychology
  • the path of the heart tantra school
  • practices of indigenous cultures concerning rituals, transitions, initiations

See which of these needs speaks to you now

  • I need transformation in a selected area of the way I think and act (work with thoughts and feelings)
  • I need to feel my own place, whether in a family, family, relationship or organization
  • I need to clarify direction in life, recurring decision-making dilemmas,
  • I need a sense of belonging
  • I need to see and understand my losses, lack of financial flow
  • I need to heal relationships with others – recurring patterns in and out of the family
  • I need to work with meta beliefs: “I’m not good enough/good enough”, “I don’t deserve love/money…”.
  • I need to understand stuckness, stagnation in different areas of life
  • I need to work with the traumatic reaction: my freezing, disconnection, lack of feelings.

About us

Daria U Lewandowska

I am a sociologist by education, and I have been interested in psychological and social dynamics for as long as I can remember. For 6 years, I have been running my educational practice where I lead and facilitate training sessions, workshops, and individual sessions in the field of psycho-social competencies. I support people of all ages and at various stages of life. I am fascinated by indigenous cultures and their practices of transition and initiation into living in their full power. I try to do what I fear the most. As a graduate of many different schools, training, courses, and workshops, I combine my talents by organizing developmental training and workshops. I conduct family and organizational constellations, combining the knowledge of Gerhard Walper’s Silent Constellations School with a feminine element and shamanic practices. My power animal is the Jaguar, which represents femininity and the feeling of one’s power. I work internationally daily, lecture at higher education institutions, and am fascinated by Slavic, Vedic, and psychotronic psychology. For many years, I have been on the path of tantra, on the way to my truth and strength in life. I lead meetings related to rituals, initiations, and systemic constellations.

Anna Staszek

I am a psychologist and personal development and group process facilitator by education and passion. I integrate psychology, genealogy, and spirituality into a whole. For many years, I have been supporting individual and group processes toward growth, building resources, and belief in oneself and one’s capabilities. I strengthen people in their development, sense of self-worth, mission and life vision, creativity, and holistic health. I am interested in a creative, non-standard approach to problematic and developmental situations. In my work with people, I combine a passion for change, a solution-focused approach, broad systemic thinking and action to achieve goals, and deep reflection. I am inspired by approaches such as Systemic Constellations based on B. Hellinger, Nonviolent Communication, Positive Psychology, Gallup’s Philosophy and Practice of Talents, Mindfulness, Somatic Experiencing, and others. I also use various dance methods (5 Rhythms, Medicine Movement, Intuitive Dance) and bodywork (Ayurveda, Osteopathy, TRE), yoga and physical exercises, and meditation as sources of connection with oneself. I am a lover of nature’s cycles, an attentive observer of it, and fascinated by many completed long journeys. I am also interested in mythology, women’s literature, and poetry.

During the workshops, we will carefully examine your topic, observe the obstacles and challenges standing in the way of a solution.
We pay close attention to emotional reactions, body state, and coherence.
We will observe and experience how horses behave in a herd, how they can be our guides on the path to our goal, success, and connecting with our soul.


We can invite up to 15 people due to limited accommodation space.

Travel arrangements are to be made on your own. We will create a Facebook group to facilitate communication and enable you to travel together with others.

Signing In, Pricing and Organizational Information

The cost of the entire workshop is 2 450 PLN (including accommodation and meals, transportation is not provided).
If you are interested in participating, please confirm your attendance with us within 7 days of registration and make a non-refundable deposit of 1 000 PLN (if you cancel your attendance 7 working days before the workshop) to the following bank account:
Account: 43 1140 2004 0000 3602 4659 3956 [mbank] Studio Rozwoju with the note “Life Force: Name + Surname”


You can register by:

📨 replying to this landing page

📩 writing us an email to: or

📞 calling us: Ania 501 673 971,  Daria 668 464 643 

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💎 The workshop price includes participation in the workshops and sessions, 3 nights of accommodation, full board, and insurance.

💎 In the event of receiving a withdrawal statement via email to the email address: or, less than 10 days before the workshop starts, the organizer reserves the right to deduct 50% of the deposited workshop fee for organizational costs. In the case of receiving a statement less than 7 days before the workshop starts, the organizer reserves the right to retain the entire deposited amount.

💎 The remaining part of the fee is payable by bank transfer before the meeting or in cash on the day of the workshop.

💎 We begin on Thursday at 12:00 PM and finish on Sunday at 3:00 PM.

💎 Workshop location: provided two weeks before the workshop.

💎 By signing up for the workshop, you confirm that you accept the Workshop Regulations.

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