• Systemic coaching is one that recognizes, explains, and unleashes the dynamics of the system, allowing each element to function effortlessly. Here, the system is of utmost importance.
  • This approach enables us to resolve issues that may be challenging to address through other methods. Systemic coaching reveals the vast scope of our agency. We delve into subconscious knowledge and discover information that exists beyond your mind. We draw insights from the system in which you operate.
  • Systemic coaching originates from work and family dynamics because, for every individual, the fundamental system always remains the family system.
  • Systemic coaching provides a sense of being “in the right place”, a feeling of strength, and a connection with ancestors, resulting in improved abilities to cope with the real world.
  • This approach involves seeking causes and potential solutions, discovering one’s agency, and transitioning from a sense of stagnation or inability to move forward to a desire for action.

For whom?

For individuals interested in diagnosing their emotional and business maturity, as well as developing their psychosocial competencies.

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