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How to move from complaining to taking action?

„A good golfer plays the ball where it lies, not where he wishes it would lie.” Doug Strycharczyk

According to Jacek Santorski, a leading Polish business psychologist with extensive experience in supporting companies based on innovative business thinking, individuals aspiring to successful business development should possess, among other things: awareness of their own strengths and weaknesses, natural predispositions, and hidden motivations that facilitate or hinder business development, as well as the ability to manage themselves. The course includes exercise sheets based on positive psychology, the latest scientific discoveries in the field of neuropsychology, and cognitive-behavioral approaches. If you aim to enhance your psychosocial and interpersonal competencies to maturely take on new roles and strive for more in your business life, this course will introduce you to the world of specific mental interventions strengthening your mental resilience and that of those around you. The course will also provide you with CEU points as part of lifelong learning to help professionals maintain their professional licenses or prepare you for a new business path.

For whom?

  • For Individuals
  • For Leaders and Business Owners
  • For Teams

What will you learn from the course?

  • Why are some people better able to cope with stress factors, pressure, and challenges compared to others?
  • How can we improve people’s „psychological resilience” to enhance personal effectiveness?
  • Why is stress an endemic problem in our society?
  • Why is psychological resilience a scarce commodity?
  • What are the sources of contemporary challenges and what are their consequences?
  • What exactly does the concept of the 4Cs entail: sense of control, commitment, approach to life’s challenges, and self-assurance?
  • What are the key mental interventions to strengthen your mental resilience and that of those around you?
  • How to consciously shape the response to stress and adversity?
  • What is the algorithm for the emergence of stress?
  • How to build resources to regulate your own stress and that of others?
  • What are the best practices in various organizations that excellently care for the mental health of their employees?
  • When to draw from mental training used in sports?
  • What are the healthy mental habits of psychologically resilient individuals?

When is knowledge of mental health and psychological resilience in professional life particularly useful?

  • When you are dealing with multiple challenges and stress for several months, affecting your mental health
  • When you or others are unsure how to recognize your own thoughts and beliefs, or how to strengthen cognitive flexibility
  • When you feel tense, have difficulty concentrating, experience anxiety and mental confusion, physical fatigue, or a decrease in reflexes
  • When you want to learn to regulate your mental health and positively influence the mental health of those working with you
  • When you need to enhance your ability to “bounce back from your own mental rock bottom”
  • When you need to be free in your emotional reactions and mental habits
  • When you want to learn to regulate stress responses
  • When you want to take care of yourself and your well-being
  • When you want to awaken in yourself and others: self-assurance, courage, solution- seeking, resilience, perseverance or patience
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