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How to quickly and easily gain practical knowledge about ourselves: how we communicate, make decisions, and act?

„Nobody is born to become someone else.” Marek Kamiński

FRIS® is a licensed tool that forms a solid foundation for the development of soft skills. It is used to describe the diversity of thinking and actions based on four cognitive perspectives. Analyzing all these perspectives helps explain which information has the highest priority, especially when we find ourselves in new situations.
By using the FRIS® tool, you will discover the resources that will enable you to achieve the highest efficiency and, under favorable circumstances, bring you closer to a state of flow. Not only will your performance be significantly improved, but you will also derive much greater satisfaction from these actions. You will be able to quickly identify the strengths of your team and what resources need to be supplemented to make it more efficient. In a simple and fast way, you will determine the team's potential and understand how to match people with the right predispositions to projects and tasks.

For whom?

  • For Individuals
  • For Leaders and Business Owners
  • For Teams

What will you learn from me during the meeting?

  • How we acquire, process, and respond to information, and consequently, how we solve problems.
  • What makes you unique, what are your natural mental predispositions?
  • What is the significance of your cognitive style in real functioning?
  • Why is it difficult to get along with others?
  • How can you smartly plan your professional and personal development?
  • What is the potential of your team?
  • Why is it worth recognizing the team's potential even before starting to work together?
  • How to achieve a synergy effect in the team?
  • How to match people with the right predispositions to projects and tasks?

When is the knowledge of individual differences psychology and the use of the FRIS® psychometric tool particularly useful?

  • When you want to better leverage your natural predispositions
  • When you want to discover how others perceive your behavior
  • When you want to understand the actions in which you excel, what roles and types of activities are comfortable and natural for you
  • When you want to excel even more in what you’re already good at
  • When you want to derive greater enjoyment from your work
  • When you want to gain insights into how to communicate more effectively
  • When you want to explore better ways to solve problems as a team
  • When you want to include the FRIS® report in your CV
  • When you want to select new people for your team
  • When you want to build your teams based on their actual potential
  • When you want to effectively identify the strengths and weaknesses of individuals in the team
  • When you want to discover what inspires and drives people
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