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How to identify deep or hidden issues within individuals, teams, and entire companies, and find directions for solutions?

„To understand means to recognize patterns.” Isaiah Berlin

Many people, teams, and organizations operate within the forces and principles that structure systems, often without realizing it. As a result, they are unwittingly entangled in the dynamics that arise from ignoring or disregarding these forces. This dynamic manifests as powerlessness and difficulties in leading others, lack of clear role division, senior staff turnover, conflicts, and other challenging phenomena and behaviors. These are signs of systemic problems. The systemic perspective reveals invisible psychological and energetic connections, demonstrating an alternative approach that can release energy and bring clarity within small, large, and complex organizational systems. Respecting systemic orders allows an organization to function harmoniously, achieve intended changes, and seek possible solutions.
I invite you to a new, systemic – that is, considering the entire system, not just an individual – perspective on consultancy for businesses and career counseling. I aim to show you how optimal field organization and arrangement of elements support organizational order, fostering increased flow, understanding, and application of the company’s core values.

For whom?

  • For Individuals
  • For Leaders and Business Owners
  • For Teams

What will you learn from me during the meeting?

  • What is the universal order of things in organizations?
  • What constitutes organizational health?
  • What is systemic leadership?
  • What are the hidden forces in the organizational system and how do they operate?
  • How to perceive patterns that others do not see?
  • How to understand the dynamics and forces that sustain systems?
  • How to strive for resolution?
  • Why is the family system so crucial in a business context?
  • How to discover and unleash resources available in the family system?

When is the knowledge of a systemic approach in business particularly useful?

  • When a problem is stuck at the individual, team, or entire system level
  • When someone is entangled in various difficult relationships and relational systems
  • When there is no obvious path to a solution or previous attempts to heal the situation have been unsuccessful
  • When a fact is being hidden or there is a secret, and you feel that something is not right, or the source of this feeling is unclear
  • When you or others are operating at a „mind” level and want to connect with another level of understanding
  • When you don’t know how to deal with a blockage
  • When there is unexplained low motivation and/or loyalty
  • When there are difficulties in maintaining authority or leading others without clear evidence
  • When you want to introduce non-linear thinking and interventions focusing on systemic forces and collective learning into the organization
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