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How to act in harmony with your Body?

„Tell me about your daily routine, and I’ll tell you how healthy you feel.” –Suhas Kshirsagar


The constant changes, pressure, rapid pace of life, and work overload, coupled with increasing demands, make us susceptible to feelings of burnout and permanent exhaustion. Busy, stressed, overloaded with tasks and duties, we feel depleted of life energy, which inevitably affects our physical, mental, and emotional health. Sometimes, demands exceed our capabilities. Our current habits and functioning style adversely affect our personal and professional lives. Bad habits, such as skipping meals, irregular physical exercise squeezed in whenever there’s a spare moment, working late into the night, and futile attempts to make up for lost sleep on the weekends, disrupt our natural cycle. We bear the costs of such a life: irritability, lack of concentration, lack of time for oneself, friends, and family, lack of sleep. Respecting, appreciating, and intelligently managing our own energy is more important than ever. Without a high level of energy, we are unable to achieve what we set out to do. We need ‘fuel’ derived from physical, emotional, mental, and psychic energy. Working in harmony with our biology and predispositions will open your eyes to many neglected matters; you will shed unnecessary weight, start sleeping well, exercise more efficiently, reduce stress, and sensibly organize your daily schedule.

For whom?

  • For Individuals
  • For Leaders and Business Owners
  • For Teams

What will you learn from me during the meeting?

  • How to manage your own energy to avoid falling into the trap of chronic fatigue and irritability?
  • Why it is worth getting to know daily rituals that balance intensive effort with regeneration?
  • What is the result of the increasing number of studies on chronobiology?
  • How can you use your daily schedule to strengthen your circadian rhythm and regain energy?
  • How to recognize energy deficits (self-diagnosis of the level of the four basic energy needs) and how to supplement their deficiencies?
  • What do your personal values and life goals have in common? Who and what is really important to you?
  • Why is focus a scarce commodity?
  • What is the epidemic of fatigue and rushing and what are its consequences for your psyche?
  • How to properly adjust your daily habits to establish the best schedule for meals, sleep, and exercise?
  • How to easily estimate how many toxins are in your body and how to effectively remove them?
  • How with the right bedtime for you, you can shed unnecessary weight?
  • How to effectively change your dietary system and what to do to avoid nutritional temptations?

When is the knowledge of chronobiology and ancient Ayurveda particularly useful?

  • When you want to manage your life energy wisely to lead a conscious and active life
  • When you want to create daily habits and rituals to take care of your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being
  • When you are experiencing difficulties in replenishing your own resources and energy
  • When you need to understand possible problems related to building and maintaining a high level of energy throughout the day
  • When you want to identify your stressors – what overwhelms you, weakens you, causes stress, and difficult emotions
  • When you have encountered many situations where emotional balance or the mobilization of mental energy is lacking
  • When you want to get back to your life purpose and values during demanding times
  • When you aim to mitigate your energy deficits
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